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Two EuroTech Universities to advise EU Commission on innovation and education strategies

EU Commissioner Gabriel appoints Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to new advisory network

15 July 2022 | Brussels – EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel has appointed the members of the newly founded “European Network of Innovative Higher Education Institutions”. Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Technical University of Denmark (DTU), two EuroTech Universities, are part of this network, which is expected to provide recommendations on the implementation of two central EU strategies – the European Strategy for Universities and the New European Innovation Agenda.

Campuses of TUM and DTU, two EuroTech Universities that have been selected for the ENIHEI network
© TUM Thierschturm (left): Andreas Heddergott/TUM; DTU Ballerup Campus (right): Thomas Hjort Jensen

According to the European Commission, the new network will collaborate to support the European education system being up to the challenge of establishing Europe as a global leader in the next wave of innovation. It will have 37 members: 28 appointed by EU Member States plus nine handpicked by the European Commission.

“We are very proud that two EuroTech Universities were selected to be part of the new network,” said Tatiana Panteli, Head of the EuroTech Universities Brussels Office. “As universities of science and technology, educating the innovators of tomorrow is a core element of our mission. We need to define concrete measures to make sure the education and innovation initiatives put forward by the European Commission have an impact. Both TUM and DTU are ideal candidates to support those efforts. Also, we as an Alliance are eager to continue our support to the EU to advance respective activities.”

Translating two strategic initiatives into real activities
Commissioner Gabriel had announced the creation of the new network at the Education and Innovation Summit on 23 June 2022. It follows the launch of two major initiatives:

  • The European Strategy for Universities, published in January 2022, aims to support the higher education sector to manage change and play a leading role in achieving the EU’s policy goals in topics like climate change, demographic change, and the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The New European Innovation Agenda, published in July 2022, is designed to position Europe as a leading player on the global innovation scene, particularly in deep-tech innovation requiring breakthrough research and development and large capital investment.

The network is expected to present concrete recommendations in time for the European Education Summit, taking place on 1 December 2022. It is part of an effort of the European Commission to reinforce the connection between education and innovation.

Commissioner Gabriel: “We want Europe to possess the necessary talent pool to lead the next wave of deep tech innovation. To achieve this goal, we need to operate at elementary, secondary and university level.”

The Commissioner was able to get first-hand insight into the education and innovation activities carried out at TUM and DTU, visiting the two universities in May 2022 and November 2021 respectively.



Tatiana Panteli
EuroTech Universities Brussels Office
EuroTech Universities Alliance
E-mail: tatiana.panteli@eurotech-universities.eu


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