Project support schemes

If you work for one of the EuroTech Universities and you would like to expand your network, build a proposal with the EuroTech partners, implement a joint project and profile your joint activities, the Alliance tools for collaboration are at your disposal.

Networking and Initiation

Funding for Travel Costs and Meetings
Contact your university's Operations Board Member for more information.

Expanding your network and gaining EU intelligence
For Meetings and EU Workshops in Brussels contact your university's Liaison Officer in Brussels.

In order to encourage joint proposals for EU funding programmes between its partner universities, the Alliance organises a series of “EuroTech EU Project Preparatory Workshops” across a number of research domains.


Photo: Astrid Eckert

Normally hosted by the Alliance’s Brussels Office, these workshops help to promote joint learning about the work and interests of colleagues across the EuroTech universities and are proving effective in identifying opportunities for joint proposals to H2020.

More detailed information on the support measures offered by the EuroTech Brussels Office and workshops organization can be found in the document EU Project Preparatory Workshops.

At each of the partner universities, funding is available for the initiation of new collaborative projects and for preparing EU proposals with the partner universities. This provides for a simple and flexible option to fund new initiatives at an early stage and facilitate meetings and visits between experts.

Researchers who plan to prepare a proposal for international funding schemes such as HORIZON2020 with partners from all four EuroTech Universities can apply for assistance and financial support to maximize the chance of success.

“The EuroTech Universities Alliance is more than just a mere idea. The EuroTech office in Brussels offers the most adequate and comfortable scenario for bringing forward collaboration amongst the four universities. Being a newcomer to H2020 and a scientist at intermediate level, I’ve been encouraged by the great support and effort made by EuroTech officials, to submit three proposals."

Stefanie Demirci, Chair for Computer Aided Medical Procedure & Augmented Reality at TUM

Proposal Building

Grant writing support
Researchers from the EuroTech Universities who need assistance to prepare a joint proposal to international funding schemes such as Horizon 2020 can apply for support.

In order to further enhance research cooperation within the EuroTech Universities Alliance and to increase the take-up of funds from international funding schemes such as the EU framework programme Horizon 2020, it has been decided to allocate part of the EuroTech Universities’ budget to researchers that require assistance in preparation of a concrete proposal.

Grants are available for collaborative research projects where there is a realistic chance of success for an upcoming deadline. The support may be used to maximize the chance of success through the support of service providers with a demonstrable record for the preparation of proposals e.g. grant writing, screening etc.

Applicants should note that a EuroTech Universities partner must be coordinating the project and a minimum of 3 partner universities must participate. In view of limited resources, consortia that can obtain funding from other sources are not eligible for support.

Following screening in relation to the strategic interest of the EuroTech Universities, grants will be allocated to successful proposals according to the principle of first come - first served. Interested parties are therefore encouraged to apply via their university's member of the EuroTech Operations Board as soon as possible. Proposals will be treated with strict confidentiality by the Operations Board.

Download the application form

Project Implementation

You can contact your university's Operations Board Member for more information on the following support tools:

  • Support for PhD Mobility
    Funding is available for mobility periods of 3-6 months with the condition of joint supervision of the doctoral thesis. PhD courses offered can be found in the joint database.
  • Joint Supervision of PhD Projects
    The Supervisor from the Home University and the co-supervisor from the Host university will jointly define the supervision. The PhD student should spend at least 6 months in total at his or her Host university. The thesis will display the mention “Joint Supervision Doctorate”. An appendix to the diploma will be jointly issued by the Home and Host university.
  • Support for PhD Summer Schools
  • Support for Co-Developing MOOCs
  • Support for Co-Developing MSc Programmes

Profiling and Outreach

A variety of channels and mechanisms is available to support you, such as events or meetings, statements or replies to consultations.

Contact the EuroTech Universities Brussels Office and/ or your university's Communications Director for more information.