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The Communications Working Group gathers experts from the six EuroTech Universities and the Brussels Office, who meet every other month. The goal of the Working Group is to define and implement ways to promote both the Alliance and the six universities, make them well-known to all relevant stakeholders and position them according to the objectives defined in the overall EuroTech vision, mission, and ambition. The scope of the activities is laid out in the EuroTech Communications Strategy 2021-2025, which is complemented by a yearly Implementation Plan.

EuroTech communications comprise two main target audiences:

  • Internal stakeholders – academics, management and administrative staff, and students at the six universities
  • External stakeholders from the fields of policymaking, industry, research, education, innovation, and civil society including the media



Anita Schneider, EuroTech

Anita Schneider

Communications Manager, EuroTech Brussels Office