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Whether you are a postdoctoral researcher, associate or full professor, the ways to join our community of researchers are manifold! We encourage inter-university collaboration and have different support mechanisms in place.

As part of the EuroTech research community, you can:

  • Get intelligence, financial and hands-on support for getting international funding for your research project
  • Exchange with and learn from similar-minded colleagues in an informal way
  • Get in contact with relevant colleagues you might need for your work
  • Get a broader view about what is being researched at other first-class universities
  • Gain access to top research facilities at other universities
  • Get relevant information earlier thanks to a large network – for instance about funding instruments or competing projects
  • Increase visibility for your research, both within the EuroTech network and towards decision-makers
  • Benefit from access to six innovation ecosystems and support for commercialising your research results

Questions? Your best points of contact are: