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Joint Supervision of Doctoral Candidates

Cooperation between the graduate schools at the different EuroTech Universities has been existing for many years and is consequently well established. The aim is to provide science and technology PhD students with high-quality education and a unique experience at two first-class universities. At the same time, the EuroTech Universities strive to achieve a more rational utilisation of resources for the benefit of all and increase mobility between the universities.

Within the Joint Supervision Programme, doctoral candidates have a supervisor at one EuroTech University and a co-supervisor at another EuroTech University (or more). The supervisor of the home university and the co-supervisor of the host university will jointly define the supervision.

The doctoral degree is awarded by the home university only, following its principles and rules.

The thesis will display the mention “Joint Supervision Doctorate” and the names of the universities and supervisors involved. An appendix to the diploma will be jointly issued by the home and host universities.

The PhD student should spend at least 6 months at the host university. At some universities, funding is available for mobility periods of 3-6 months.

More information and contact

Read the cooperation agreement (2021-2026) to know more about the general outline of the programme.

For university-specific details, check the following links or contact the Operations Board member and/or the PhD office of your university.

Information for doctoral candidates at:

Graduate Deans
We exchange on joint activities, launch schemes for cooperation of our graduate schools and work on an improved framework for PhDs.