This event is open to staff from the six EuroTech partner universities onlyEuroTech only

The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting universities and research institutes across the world. But the same institutions are also working very hard to find out how the disease can be stopped, and its effects mitigated.

The stakeholders are encouraging the European Commission to quickly introduce a new research funding scheme worth up to €3 billion to ensure citizens can get access to an affordable COVID-19 vaccine. The Commission considers a new Horizon Europe partnership on pandemics and has already announced hundreds of millions of euros in emergency research funding under Horizon 2020 to help find vaccines, cures and better coping strategies.

At the same time, collaboration is as essential as ever.

This webinar will

  • Provide an overview of EU-level COVID-19 developments
  • Introduce funding opportunities and upcoming calls for COVID-19 initiatives
  • Provide information on the EuroTech tools for cooperation, and
  • Explore the possibility of joint projects and initiatives.

Date: Thursday, 14 May 2020

Time: 12:30-14:00

The webinar is free of charge, registration is however required. Please register by 12 May 2020 (EuroTech partners only).

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