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Symposium: EuroTech Universities – an alliance working for global sustainability

On 28 March 2023, leaders, researchers and students of the six EuroTech Universities will convene for a symposium at École Polytechnique to discuss their institutions’ initiatives and EuroTech’s common action plan to implement and accelerate the shift towards sustainability.

The agenda of the symposium will put the spotlight on EuroTech research groups and centres dedicated to sustainability, and on the initiatives and work of students, PhD candidates, and their associations, which are instrumental in driving the transition towards sustainability. Placing collaboration at the centre of the exchange, the symposium will enable the EuroTech Universities Alliance to define future joint research projects and a joint action plan towards sustainable development.

You can look forward to an engaging mix of keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, presentations, success stories, and a poster session.

The symposium is organised under École Polytechnique’s presidency of the EuroTech Universities Alliance.


08:30 | Opening session

Presenter: Kees van der Beek, VP Research, École Polytechnique

Keynote speaker: Eric Labaye, Chairman of the Board and President of École Polytechnique

09:00 | Setting the scene: sustainable development at the EuroTech Universities today

Chair: Kees van der Beek, École Polytechnique

A presentation of each EuroTech University's global strategy for sustainability

Eric Labaye, Chairman of the Board and President of École Polytechnique
Rasmus Larsen, DTU Provost and DTU Sustainability Report author
Werner Lang, TUM Vice President for Sustainable Transformation (online)
Avner Rothschild, Head of the Technion Sustainability Frontier, Technion
Anna Wieczorek, TU/e Sustainability Ambassador

09:45 | Coffee break and poster session

10:15 | Getting a grasp on sustainability: defining our goals, our ambitions, and our limitations

Chair: Thierry Rayna, École Polytechnique

Where do we stand now? Which limits do we have? To what extent can technology provide answers? Understanding sustainability at a global scale requires us to understand complex systems and their connection to society. Will a better definition of sustainability help us to define concrete projects?

Avner Rothschild, Head of the Technion Sustainability Frontier, Technion

Michael Zwicky Hauschild, Director of the DTU Centre for Absolute Sustainability

Thomas Hamacher, Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems, TUM

Anna Wieczorek, TU/e Sustainability Ambassador

Patricia Crifo, Professor at École Polytechnique, Deputy director of the Energy4Climate (E4C) interdisciplinary center, Head of the Research initiative on sustainable finance and responsible investment

Agnès Le Tiec, Deputy to the Vice-President, Vice presidency for Responsible Transformation, EPFL

11:20 | Green campus: sharing our most promising actions

Chair: Avner Rothschild, Technion

Presentation of each EuroTech University’s most remarkable sustainability projects on the campus level and their implementation.

Lisa Weber, Climate Action Manager, TUM Sustainability Office, TUM

Orly Mulla, Sustainability coordinator, Technion Sustainability Center, Technion

Sindy Harks, Real Estate- head of strategy & consultancy, TU/e

Philippe Drobinski, Professor and researcher, Head of the “Energy for Climate” Interdisciplinary Center, École Polytechnique

Anders B. Møller, Director of Real Estate and Facilities at DTU

Aurore Nembrini, Sustainability and Operations Manager; “EPFL sustainable campus”

12:30 | Lunch and poster session

incl. PhDs and student associations poster session/exhibition

14:00 | Cutting-edge research at the service of sustainability

Chair: Rasmus Larsen, DTU

The EuroTech Universities present their most successful research on the topic of sustainability, environmental, and climate action.

Yoav Livney, Director of the Technion's Sustainable Protein Research Center, Technion

Anders Baun, Professor, Head of Section Circularity and Environmental Impact, DTU

Magnus Fröhling, Head, Professorship Circular Economy, TUM

Sebastian Fendt, Coordinator TUM.Hydrogen and PtX, TUM

Antoine Fromentin, former Vice-Director of the EPFL Energy Center, EPFL

Eran Friedler, Head of the Grand Water Institute, Technion

Charlotte Vogt, Principal Investigator, the Center for Sustainable Processes & Catalysis, Technion

Richard van de Sanden, Scientific Director of Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy Systems (EIRES), TU/e

Thierry Rayna, Professor at École Polytechnique and head of IP Paris Chair “Technology For Change”

Jordi Badosa, Research Engineer at Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique and Technical Director at Energy4Climate Interdisciplinary Center, Ecole Polytechnique

15:30 | Coffee break and poster session

16:00 | Beyond awareness: engaging the community to strive for sustainability

Chair/Moderators: Nikan Manschadi, TUM & Revital Rivkin, Technion

How can we engage the academic community as a whole in sustainable behaviour and actions? This concerns us all: students, academics, researchers at all levels and disciplines.

Liby Manash and Khalid Tafla, Environmental Department student representation Technion

Atar Herziger, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Data and Decision Sciences, Technion

Pilar Acosta, Professor at Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department, École Polytechnique

Mélanie Studer, Project manager on Education for sustainability, EPFL

Grégory Nocton, Vice-Dean of the Chemistry Department, École Polytechnique

Rasmus Larsen, DTU Provost and DTU Sustainability Report author

Sina-Marie Rupp, Environmental Department Student Representation TUM

17:00 | Sustainable skills for sustainable development: training current and future engineers

Chair: tbc

Sustainability and current life cycle assessment, challenge-based learning, as well as interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial skills for sustainability and environmental, and climate action will be addressed.

Thomas Hamacher, Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems, TUM

Isabelle Reymen, Scientific Director of TU/e innovation Space, TU/e

Riwal Plougonven, Professor and Head of Education Committee for Sustainability, École Polytechnique

Anne Lyck Smitshuysen, Industrial PhD Student, Department of Energy Conversion and Storage, DTU

18:00 | Cocktail reception

20:00 | End

Practical information

Date and time: Tuesday, 28 March 2023, 08:30-21:00 CET
Location: École Polytechnique, Palaiseau/France and online (live stream)
Registration: Is required; please write an e-mail to [email protected] to get a link to the registration form.


🔒 This symposium is open only for researchers, students and staff at EuroTech Universities (DTU, EPFL, L’X – IP Paris, Technion, TU/e, TUM) as well as invited guests.

Further information

For further information, please contact Maria Montoiro (contact details below).


Maria Montoiro, IP Paris

Maria Montoiro Salvado

Liaison Officer, IP Paris