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Faces behind EuroTech

The six EuroTech Universities are more than just their names – they live and breathe with the people who bring their knowledge and their passion to work every day. They are excellent researchers, educators, innovators, managers. The “Faces behind EuroTech” series presents some of them.

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Shulamit Levenberg in her lab
Shulamit Levenberg, Head of the Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, the Technion
Sebastian Pfotenhauer, Co-Director of the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) and Carl von Linde Associate Professor for Innovation Research at TUM
Martijn Heck, Professor of Photonic Integration, TU/e, and Scientific Director of the Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute
Rima Zein-Eddine, EuroTechPostdoc2 Fellow, École Polytechnique
Anne S. Meyer, DTU
Anne S. Meyer, Head of Protein Chemistry & Enzyme Technology, DTU Bioengineering
Klaus Schönenberger, EPFL
Klaus Schönenberger, Director of the EssentialTech Centre, EPFL
Hossam Haick, Technion
Hossam Haick, Head of Laboratory for Nanomaterial-Based Devices, the Technion
Antonia Wachter-Zeh, Associate Professor of Coding and Cryptography, TUM
Gautam Pai, TU/e
Gautam Pai, Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Analysis, Scientific Computing and Applications, TU/e
Charles Baroud, Institut Pasteur-École Polytechnique. In the background, a photo illustrating his works on microfluidics and confined microflows
Charles Baroud, Head of Pasteur-École Polytechnique joint group on Physical microfluidics & Bio-engineering
Dagny Valgeirsdottir, DTU Skylab
Dagny Valgeirsdottir, Assistant Professor at DTU Skylab
Portrait of Fields Medal winner Maryna Viazovska, EPFL
Maryna Viazovska, Chair of Number Theory, EPFL
Alex Bronstein, Technion
Alex Bronstein, Head of the Center for Intelligent Systems and of the VISTA Lab, Technion