Shulamit Levenberg

Head of the Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering Laboratory,
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, the Technion

She was named a “Research Leader” in tissue engineering by Scientific American, for her seminal work on vascularization of engineered tissues. She was recently profiled in the BBC documentary film “The Earthshot Prize” by Prince William and Sir David Attenborough. The contribution of her research to world’s sustainability was recognized by many organisations including UNESCO.

In short, Professor Shulamit Levenberg is a researcher that needs no introduction, at least not if you are interested in regenerative medicine or cultured meat. Yes, you read that right: Tissue engineering allows us to cure medical conditions and rethink today’s food system. In the frame of EuroTech’s 10-year anniversary, we portrayed her work in a short movie. Watch it here! 

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