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10 ERC Advanced Grants for EuroTech researchers

27 April 2022 | 10 out of 253 ERC Advanced Grants 2021 go to researchers affiliated with a EuroTech University – congratulations! Yesterday, the European Research Council published the results of its latest funding round. ERC Advanced Grants are designed to support excellent scientists and scholars in any field at the career stage when they are already established research leaders, with a recognised track record of research achievements. 

In this round, 1,735 applicants submitted proposals, of which 20.8% were female researchers. The ten grants secured by researchers from EuroTech Universities see an equal distribution between female and male grantees. The research project of one of them, Sylvie Méléard of École Polytechnique, was chosen as one of five exemplary projects highlighted by the European Research Council.

Switzerland being considered a non-associated third country, researchers from EuroTech University EPFL were not eligible for funding.

We wholeheartedly congratulate all laureates, especially:

  • Anja Boisen, DTU (FREJA: Foldable, REconfigurable & Jagged devices for enhanced drug Absorption/seeding; PE7)
  • Carlijn Bouten, TU/e (RE-ALIGN: Restoring anisotropy in living tissues ‘in situ’; PE11)
  • Maurice Heemels, TU/e (PROACTHIS Projection-based Control: A Novel Paradigm for High- performance Systems; PE7)
  • Roy Kishony, Technion (OUTSMART-infection: Microbiome centered prediction and prevention of recurrent infections; LS2)
  • Heiko Lickert, TUM (BetaRegeneration: Deciphering cellular and molecular mechanisms of β- cell regeneration; LS4)
  • Sylvie Méléard, L’X (SINGER: Stochastic dynamics of sINgle cells: Growth, Emergence and Resistance; PE1)
  • Nini Pryds, DTU (NEXUS: Next Generation of Artificial Heterointerfaces as Building Blocks for Energy Materials; PE11)
  • Elisa Resconi, TUM (NEUTRINOSHOT: Why a new neutrino telescope? Because we can.; PE2)
  • Susan Stipp, DTU (DRIAD: “Quantifying and controlling the mechanisms responsible for mineral behaviour: Dissolution, adsorption and crystal growth”; PE10)
  • Fabian Theis, TUM (DeepCell: Learning and modeling the molecular response of single cells to drug perturbations; LS2)