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15 ERC Consolidator Grants for EuroTech researchers

31 January 2023 | Warmest congratulations to the 15 mid-career researchers affiliated with one of the EuroTech Universities that have just been granted an ERC Consolidator Grant! In its latest funding round, the European Research Council awarded in total €657 million to 321 excellent scientists, who have 7 to 12 years’ experience after their PhDs, to pursue their most promising ideas.

President of the European Research Council Prof. Maria Leptin said: “ERC Consolidator grants support researchers at a crucial time of their careers, strengthening their independence, reinforcing their teams and helping them establish themselves as leaders in their fields. And this backing above all gives them a chance to pursue their scientific dreams.”

Due to the non-association of Switzerland to Horizon Europe, EPFL-affiliated researchers were not eligible for funding.

We wholeheartedly congratulate all laureates, especially:

  • Nadav Amdursky, Technion (ProtonsInProteins: A novel approach for studying biological proton transfer: Protein incorporation of noncanonical amino acids carrying a light-triggered proton donor and proton acceptor; LS9)
  • Alexander Buell, DTU (EMMA: Exploring the molecular grammar of IDP assembly and condensation at ultra-high throughput; PE4)
  • Jia Chen, TUM (CoSense4Climate: Compressed Sensing for Climate: A Novel Approach to Localize, Quantify and Characterize Urban Greenhouse Gas Emitters; PE10)
  • Graham de Ruiter, Technion (Fenometal: Enabling Noble Metal Reactivity with Earth-Abundant Metals for Selective Bond Functionalization Strategies; PE5)
  • Camille Duprat, École Polytechnique (ElCapiTex: Elasticity, capillarity and imbibition in textiles; PE8)
  • Matthias Feige, TUM (DeCoDe: Deciphering Cellular Networks for Membrane Protein Quality Control Decisions; LS3)
  • Meytal Landau, Technion (FuncAmyloid: Structure, Function and Regulation of Antimicrobial and Virulent Amyloids at High-resolution; LS1)
  • Lars Mägdefessel, TUM (LongTx: Targeting long non-coding RNAs for novel treatment strategies in vascular diseases; LS7)
  • Maks Ovsjanikov, École Polytechnique (VEGA: Universal Geometric Transfer Learning; PE6)
  • Luca Pattavina, TUM (RES-NOVA: A revolutionary archaeological Pb observatory for astrophysical neutrino sources; PE2)
  • Roland Rathelot, École Polytechnique (INASHI: Information Frictions in Hiring Decisions; SH1)
  • Asia Rolls, Technion (NEUROFASCIA: Neuronal control of fascia; LS5)
  • Avi Schröder, Technion (Smart Nanoparticles: 4D Brain-Targeting Nanomedicines for Treating Neurodegeneration; LS7)
  • Nina Henriette Uhlenhaut, TUM (GRACE: The Glucocorticoid Receptor in Aging and Circadian Endocrinology; LS4)
  • Balt Van Rees, École Polytechnique (QFTinAdS: The Bootstrap Program for Quantum Field Theory; PE2)

Read more about the grantees and their projects here:
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