3 June 2019 | The EuroTech Universities Alliance supports a joint statement on Interregional Innovation Investments for European value chains, along with AER, CPMR, EARTO, ERRIN, ENoLL and the Vanguard Initiative, as well as regions from Smart Specialisation Partnerships.

The EuroTech Universities Alliance combines the complementary strengths of its partner universities and innovation ecosystems to jointly achieve multi-scale initiatives of high impact to society and to industry. ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ has been a dedicated Alliance Focus Area since 2015.

The EuroTech Universities Alliance has therefore joined European Regions, Interregional Smart Specialisation partnerships and other innovation stakeholders in calling on the European Parliament and the Council of the EU to preserve the proposed ‘Interregional Innovation Investments’ component. There is a need to preserve the following key elements irrespectively of the final regulatory location: Interregional nature, budget, central management and openness to third countries. All EU institutions acknowledge the EU added value of this new component 5 and in particular how it can harness existing potential across less and more developed EU regions to develop EU innovation value chains and to strengthen EU competitiveness. Therefore, upcoming budget negotiations should not put this innovation component at risk.

Download the joint statement

Read more about the Alliance Focus Area ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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