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6 ERC Advanced Grants for EuroTech researchers

31 March 2023 | Yesterday, the European Research Council published the winners of this year’s ERC Advanced Grants. Six of the prestigious grants are awarded to researchers affiliated with one of the EuroTech Universities. Congratulations to all the winners for this outstanding success!

The ERC Advanced Grant funding is amongst the most prestigious and competitive EU funding schemes, providing researchers with the opportunity to pursue ambitious, curiosity-driven projects that could lead to major scientific breakthroughs. They are awarded to established, leading researchers with a proven track-record of significant research achievements over the past decade.

Switzerland being considered a non-associated third country, researchers from EuroTech University EPFL were not eligible for funding.

We wholeheartedly congratulate all laureates, especially:

  • Nikolaus Adams, TUM (GENUFASD: Generative Understanding of Ultrafast Fluid Dynamics; PE8)
  • Luc Brunsveld, TU/e (PPI-Glue: Stabilization of Protein Protein Interactions; transforming molecular glue discovery from art into science; PE5)
  • Gordon Cheng, TUM (STROLL: Soft-exoskeleton suit To Restore Autonomous Locomotion; PE7)
  • Mayank Jain, DTU (LUMIN: Illuminating Charge Transport in Feldspar to Measure Rates of Earth Surface Processes; PE10)
  • Avner Rothschild, Technion (H2Bro: Continuous electrolytic-catalytic decoupled water electrolysis for green hydrogen production; PE11)
  • Stephan Sieber, TUM (breakingBAC: Breaking resistance of pathogenic bacteria by chemical dysregulation; PE5)

Read more about the researchers and here:

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