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Clean Hydrogen: H2PRO – Enabling affordable green hydrogen production at scale

27 October 2022 | Universities of science and technology are instrumental in creating a hydrogen ecosystem from research and innovation to scale up production and infrastructure to an international dimension. The EuroTech Universities are a seedbed for innovative solutions – let’s have a look at one of them:

H2PRO‘s mission is to enable the wide scale adoption of sustainable hydrogen fuel by introducing a novel production technology E-TAC. E-TAC (Electrochemical, Thermally Activated Chemical) is a revolutionary method for splitting water. Similar to electrolysis, E-TAC uses electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. However, unlike conventional electrolysis, hydrogen and oxygen are generated separately in different steps – an Electrochemical (E) step and a Thermally-Activated Chemical (TAC) step.

E-TAC’s membrane-free electrolytic reactors are suitable for high-pressure hydrogen production and cost-efficient scaling. This disruptive process enables the production of green hydrogen in a way that retains high energy efficiency (98.7%HHV) inside the reactors (see Nature article) and a 95% system efficiency.

H2PRO was founded in 2019 by leading hydrogen experts of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Dr. Hen Dotan, Prof. Gideon Grader and Prof. Avner Rothschild) in collaboration with the team that founded Viber, Juno and iMesh. The company currently employs over 100 people.

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