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Upcoming ERC and EIC deadlines extended

18 October 2023 | Both the European Research Council and the European Innovation Council have announced today that their upcoming call for proposals deadlines will be extended. The new deadlines are:


  • ERC Starting Grant call: 7 November
  • ERC Synergy Grant call: 15 November

Flexibility measures that can be used by applicants for ERC grants include the description of ‘life events’ in the ‘track record’ part of the applications, or the extension of eligibility in cases of national service or long term illnesses.

Existing grantees may ask for extensions to the duration of their grants.


  • EIC Pathfinder Challenges call: 25 October
  • EIC Accelerator cut-off date for full (Step 2) proposals: 8 November

At the same time, the 12-month limit to submit a full application following the successful evaluation of a short (Step 1) proposal is extended. Successful Step 1 applicants who exceed(ed) the maximum 12 months for submitting a full (Step 2) proposal between 7 June 2023 cut-off date and 8 November 2023 cut-off date, are allowed to submit a full (Step 2) proposal to the 8 November cut-off date.