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EuroTech researchers win 19 ERC Starting Grants

6 September 2023 | Congratulations to 19 young researchers affiliated with EuroTech Universities who were awarded an ERC Starting Grant yesterday! Out of those 19 laureates, 11 are women, a higher share than the overall share of female researchers funded in this round (43%). All EuroTech Universities were successful (due to the non-association of Switzerland to Horizon Europe, EPFL-affiliated researchers were not eligible for funding). 

In total, the European Research Council granted €628 million to 400 researchers at the beginning of their careers. The funding will allow them to launch their own projects, form their teams and pursue their best ideas. The competition attracted 2,696 proposals, which were reviewed by panels of renowned researchers from around the world. The overall success rate was 14.8%.

The 19 grantees affiliated with EuroTech Universities are:

  • Carina Baer de Oliveira Mann, TUM (NTasePro: NTase Products and Cyclic Nucleotide Signalling; LS1)
  • Emanuela Bosco, TU/e (VANGOGH: Unravelling and predicting degradation of canvas paintings: a multiscale and multiphysics framework; PE8)
  • Laura Classen, TUM (QuantEmerge: Emergence in quantum materials: from relativistic quantum criticality to nonFermi liquids and unconventional superconductivity; PE3)
  • Olesia Dmytruk, École Polytechnique/CNRS (Q-Light-Topo: Quantum light-controlled topological phases of matter; PE3)
  • Ben Engelhard, Technion (DopamineLearnLoops: Toward a new understanding of learning in the brain: dynamic parallel circuit loops for complex learning; LS5)
  • Hamdi Joudeh, TU/e (IT-JCAS: Information Theoretic Foundations of Joint Communication and Sensing; PE7)
  • Daniel Keefer, TUM (QuantXS: Quantum Controlled X-ray Spectroscopy of Elementary Molecular Dynamics; PE4)
  • Julia Kirch Kirkegaard, DTU (Good-by-Devicing: Probing how value comes to matter in the energy transition; SH3)
  • Mrinalini Kochupillai, TUM (ReSeed: Blockchain4Biodiversity: A Digital Farmers’ Market Incentivizing Sustainable Innovations with Indigenous Seeds; SH2)
  • Kristen Kozielski, TUM (NANeurO: Injectable nanoelectrodes for wireless and minimally invasive neural stimulation; PE7)
  • Christoph Meier, TUM (ExcelAM: Accelerated Additive Manufacturing: Digital Discovery of a New Process Generation; PE8)
  • Hila Peleg, Technion (EXPLOSYN: Exploratory Program Synthesis; PE6)
  • Léa Pessin, École Polytechnique/GENES (WeEqualize: Social Inequalities in Work-Family Strategies Within and Across 24 Industrialized Countries; SH3)
  • Michael Ratz, TUM (SpaRC: Revealing the wiring rules of neural circuit assembly with spatiotemporally resolved molecular connectomics; LS5)
  • Yuval Shagam, Technion (Q-ChiMP: Precision measurement of parity violation with quantum-controlled and trapped chiral molecular ions; PE4)
  • Janina Steinert, TUM (ECOVI: Disentangling and Preventing Economic Violence against Women; SH3)
  • Golo Storch, TUM (BifurCAT: Artificial Catalysts for Endergonic Reduction by Electron Bifurcation; PE5)
  • Charlotte Vogt, Technion (NANODYNAMICS: Hidden in the Noise: Transient Details of Nanoparticle-Catalyzed Reactions Under Challenging Conditions; PE4)
  • Assaf Zinger, Technion (MILKOSOMES: Breast Milk Biomimetic Nano Particles as a Versatile, Non-Invasive, Oral Drug Delivery Tool; LS7)

Read more about the researchers and their projects here: 

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