27 June 2022 | In a letter to EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and Director-General Jean-Eric Paquet, EuroTech, supported by other university alliances, suggests increasing the transparency of the Horizon Europe budget. While we welcome the European Commission proposal for a budget increase in Horizon Europe in 2023, we begin to see an increasingly less transparent process when it comes to the allocation of the Horizon Europe budget. Horizon Europe is progressively becoming a financial source for other Commission-led priorities outside of the programme. 

We would advocate adding an additional set of indicators to the Horizon Europe Dashboard, which can help to assess in real-time, how much of the Horizon Europe budget has already been committed to which initiative and how much has been paid. This would also provide visibility as to the commitments targeting the original Horizon Europe objectives or objectives outside of the programme.

We will be pleased to support the European Commission in developing the above-mentioned set of indicators.

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EU Affairs Advisory Group
View on the European Parliament, one of the institutions targeted by EuroTech's policy dialogue and positioning activities at the EU level
We provide strategic input and advice to the Brussels Office concerning the universities’ individual and collective interests in relation to the EU.