1 March 2018 | Past EU Framework Programmes for research and innovation have been fundamental in establishing and developing the European Research Area (ERA). The Ninth Framework Programme (FP9) should drive ERA forward by ensuring that Europe’s excellent research leads to excellent innovation. In order to achieve this, FP9 needs to help optimise the framework conditions and instruments for both research and innovation – and to promote and support the interlinkages between them.

Leading universities of science and technology are at the centre of translating scientific knowledge and technological progress into innovative solutions for the benefit of society. The EuroTech Universities Alliance provides a unique framework for its members to combine their complementary strengths across the entire research and innovation cycle. By connecting our innovation eco-systems across borders, we contribute to Europe’s leadership in technology and the diffusion of innovation. Based on this holistic view and contribution, we advocate that FP9 should:

  1. Guarantee the best conditions for supporting cutting-edge research
  2. Drive competitiveness through a holistic approach to education, research and innovation
  3. Enhance innovation eco-systems and R&I systems

In particular, FP9 should therefore:

  1. Safeguard the European Research Council and the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions

  2. Safeguard the FET Open principles and budget
  3. Describe impact at mission-level

  4. Support attractive research careers

  5. Provide a dedicated support instrument for university networks

  6. Provide follow-up funding mechanisms for research with high innovation potential

  7.  Provide grants for university-based innovators

  8. Support Student competitions

  9. Spread excellence by driving ERA
  10. Sharpen the Digital Innovation Hubs Scheme

For more details on our calls for action and rationale, consult the EuroTech Universities Position on FP9.

Image © Gaétan de Rassenfosse
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