12 June 2017

From excellent research…

Based on a strong tradition of investigation, independence and academic freedom, universities are in a unique position to identify and address long-term challenges at global level. Building on Europe’s excellent science base, FP9 should go even further in stimulating cutting-edge research focusing on the fundamentally new ideas to ensure that Europe wins the global battle for top talent.

… to excellent innovation

A promising approach to secure higher impact from research is offered by Europe’s innovation eco-systems, each consisting of a dynamic microcosm of actors from the academic, industrial, public and financial sectors. It is widely recognized that a well-empowered research-intensive university is core to the success of any innovation ecosystem. Connected to the forefront of global scientific knowledge, universities translate excellent research into innovation to the benefit of the actors in the eco-system, especially small companies. The powerful relation between excellent scientific research and education at universities leads to creative and disruptive technological innovation within these ecosystems thanks to the transfer of scientific knowledge to the next generation of researchers, entrepreneurs and skilled employees for industry.

EuroTech Universities Alliance’s vision of FP9:

1. Reallocation of Funding in favour of more Disruptive Innovation
2. An International Framework Programme, with Excellence as the key criterion
3. A Simplified Structure, based on Trust

Download the EuroTech Universities Alliance’s Position on FP9

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