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How to benefit from EuroTech as a researcher

22 June 2021 | Are you working as a researcher at one of the six EuroTech Universities? Watch our new video to learn more about the wide range of financial and non-financial programmes EuroTech has in place to support you with your research. They include for instance travel and proposal writing grants, funding advice and help with building your consortium.

This video explains the different schemes in a nutshell – to know more, read on here or contact your university’s EuroTech Operations Board member or Liaison Officer in Brussels.

Professors Henning Boje Andersen of Technical University of Denmark and Lu Yuan of Eindhoven University of Technology are part of the EuroTech research community. In this video, they give insight into their work within the Alliance.

Both contributed as principal investigators to REACH 2020, a Horizon 2020-funded project coordinated by Technical University of Munich, which was a result of the collaboration within EuroTech and earned high praises from both the European Commission and the partners involved. REACH 2020’s funding period ended in 2020 but the collaboration between many of the partners involved continues.

To learn more about REACH, visit their website: http://reach2020.eu