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Open letter on 2023 Horizon Europe budget cuts

29 September 2022 | We are deeply concerned about the substantial and disproportionate cuts to the 2023 budget of Horizon Europe as proposed by the Council of the EU in July 2022. Together with our European partners, we are urging the EU Member States to reconsider the proposed budget cuts. A financially well-equipped Horizon Europe is key to addressing the current and future challenges all European citizens are facing and to helping Europe secure its global competitiveness.

Multiple global crises like the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, and generation-spanning challenges such as climate change are currently putting a heavy strain on public budgets all over the world. Financial resources are not unlimited and have to be carefully distributed between a multitude of burning issues, making it necessary to prioritise.

The rapid development of vaccines against COVID-19 has proven what joining forces and channelling resources can achieve. It has also shown that continuous, far-sighted investment in fundamental research as well as in close-to-market innovation is of paramount importance for having the right tools at hand when they are most urgently needed. It allows us to act swiftly and deal better with unforeseen adversities. While scientific discoveries are no panacea, they are an integral part of the solution. Without science-based evidence and new developments, we will not be able to address many of the challenges the world is facing.

Read our open letter to the Czech Presidency of the Council here: