22 November 2021 | Climate change is a top priority for the United Nations, and it has become a challenge for many organisations and institutions dealing with climate change mitigation and adaptation. Currently, transport CO2 emissions are about 30 % in developed countries, which represents about 23 % of the total man-made CO2 emissions worldwide. The agreement to reduce transport CO2 emissions at least by 50% by 2050 is consensual.

This ambitious goal needs addressing key challenges such as:

  • Innovative transportation technologies,
  • Low-carbon energy,
  • Improved transport infrastructure,
  • Consumer habits and information,
  • Legal instruments.

A student challenge organised by the Energy for Climate (E4C) Center of Institut Polytechnique de Paris aims to address these problems with systemic innovative solutions.

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Practical information

Challenge schedule:
Round 1 – teams registrations: until 10 December 2021
Round 2 – Ideation: 11 December 2021 to 14 January 2022
Round 3 – Deepening: 31 January 2022 to 13 March 2022
Round 4 – Finale: 15/25 May 2022
Award ceremony: September 2022 (tbc)


The challenge is, among others, open to students enrolled at a EuroTech University.

Further information

Please check the E4C website for more detailed information.

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