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Monitoring the non-association of Switzerland to Horizon Europe

10 February 2023 | Since 2021, Switzerland is no longer associated with European programmes. The effects on the competitiveness of Swiss research will only be felt in the long term, but the first signs of its erosion are emerging. This is particularly the case for EPFL. Our EuroTech partner university conducted an analysis of the situation two years into Horizon Europe. EPFL is seeing a drop in the number of European collaborations that their researchers are invited to join, the first relocations of start-ups, as well as the exclusion of projects and markets deemed strategic by the European Union, particularly in the field of quantum research. While the overall funding remains stable thanks to national co-funding for projects with Swiss participation, the impact on scientific leadership and collaboration is clear.

Read more about the current situation and the prospects for the future on EPFL’s website:

Please note that Swiss participation in collaborative projects is still possible. If you are planning to apply for Horizon Europe funding and would like to include an EPFL colleague, feel free to reach out to Maria Sigutina, EuroTech Liaison Officer for EPFL, or the EPFL Research Office.