EuroTeQ Engineering University

Our vision

A modern engineering education must provide students not only with in-depth technical knowledge but also with an extended educational horizon, an entrepreneurial mindset and socio-political sensitivity.

Our mission

The EuroTeQ Engineering University builds on the belief that societal developments of recent years call for strong university alliances to make the knowledge square of education, research, innovation and service to society a reality and its impact a benefit to Europe and beyond.

As six leading universities of science and technology, spread across Europe, situated in innovation eco-systems and with great collaboration experience, we are equipped to introduce a paradigm shift in the engineering education of the future, aspiring responsible value co-creation in technology.

Our ambition is to create a real impact Europe-wide, enabling other universities and stakeholders to follow our example, fostering technological progress and societal cohesion.

The meaning of “Engineering University” then is twofold: To provide excellent education to our future engineers and to engineer the university of the future, to become a role model for the European Higher Education Area and beyond.

Local roots with an impact throughout Europe

Six strong Universities of Technology and 45 associated partners together form the EuroTeQ Engineering University.

Emerging from the EuroTech Universities Alliance, taking on board two excellent partners TalTech from Estonia and CTU from the Czech Republic.

Anchored in diverse geographical and cultural contexts, each partner with their corresponding eco-system provides added value and a competitive advantage to the EuroTeQ cooperation.

EPFL in Switzerland and Technion in Israel contribute to these efforts.

The goal is to ensure a strong integrative link with different cultures and traditions of engineering education across Europe.

More information to follow soon. Read our press release here.

Gerhard Müller
Technical University of Munich