11 January 2022 | Yesterday, the European Research Council (ERC) announced the winners of its latest ERC Starting Grants, the first ones under the new framework programme Horizon Europe. 19 of the prestigious grants go to researchers affiliated with a EuroTech University. In total, the ERC awarded 397 grants with a total value of €619 million. On average, the grants are worth about €1.5 million. The Starting Grants are awarded to excellent young researchers.

However, following the termination of the exploratory talks between Switzerland and the EU last year, Switzerland is considered a non-associated third country. The negotiations failed after the ERC StG call for proposals. As a result, host institutions established in Switzerland are now not eligible for funding; EuroTech University EPFL being one of them. The funds for the five projects won by EPFL scientists will therefore be provided by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation.

We wholeheartedly congratulate all laureates, especially:

  • Sophie Beeren, DTU (ENZYME-DCC: Enzyme-Mediated Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry; PE5)
  • Timm Betz, TUM (PINPOINT: Politics, Institutions, and Production Networks; SH2)
  • Nicolas Boumal, EPFL (GEOSYM: Harnessing Geometry and Symmetry in Optimization for Data Science; PE6)
  • Maria Colombo, EPFL (TENSE: Irregular solutions of the Transport, Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations; PE1)
  • Andrea Crovetto, DTU (IDOL: Inverse Design of Optoelectronic Phosphosulfides; PE11)
  • Romain Fleury, EPFL (ARTISTE: Anomalous non-Reciprocal TopologIcal networks for robuST microwavE devices; PE7)
  • Antoni Forner-Cuenca, TU/e (FAIR-RFB: Engineered Porous Electrodes to Unlock Ultralow Cost Fe-Air Redox Flow Batteries; PE8)
  • Mika Göös, EPFL (IMPOSSIBLE: Impossibility Results in Computational Complexity; PE6)
  • Shay Moran, Technion (GENERALIZATION: Modern Challenges in Learning Theory; PE6)
  • Robert Ohlendorf, TUM (AVATar: Engineering vasoactive probes for brain-wide imaging of molecular signaling; LS9)
  • Laerte Patera, TUM (WEPOF: Watching Excitons in Photoactive Organic Frameworks; PE4)
  • Pauline Rossi, L’X (P3OPLE: Peers and Possible Partners: Exploring the Origins of Population Longterm Equilibria; SH1)
  • Ron Rothblum, Technion (FASTPROOF: Fast Proofs for Verifying Computations; PE6)
  • Melanie Schirmer, TUM (HEROINE: Hormone-microbiome interactions as a key-player in female health; LS2)
  • Ayala Shiber, Technion (RiboFriend: Deciphering co-translational protein folding, assembly and quality control pathways, in health and disease; LS1)
  • Mahsa Shoaran, EPFL (SAND: Smart and Autonomous Neurostimulation Devices for Chronic Neurological Disorders; PE7)
  • Anthal Smits, TU/e (MACxercise: Dissecting Macrophage Mechanobiology to Engineer ImmunoRegenerative Biomaterials; PE11)
  • Aviv Tamar, Technion (BAYES-RL: Deep Bayesian Reinforcement Learning: Unifying Perception, Planning, and Control; PE6)
  • Cathleen Zeymer, TUM (PhotoLanZyme: Artificial Lanthanide Enzymes for Selective Photocatalysis: ‘Enlightening’ Metalloenzyme Design and Evolution; PE5)
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