Education Strategy

Photo: Alexander Niederklapfer / TUM

The long-term vision of the EuroTech Universities Alliance is to become the leading European ecosystem for education in Science and Technology. The ambition is to “future proof” study programmes in science and technology, in order to address the changing needs of society by anchoring the knowledge triangle in European values. By combining excellence in science and technology with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and transversal skills, the Alliance commits to shaping societally-aware talent capable of taking adequate and sustainable decisions and accompanying and moderating technology-driven transformation processes.

The Alliance aims to educate talents that contribute to a globally competitive and responsible Europe, fostering and protecting European values. The EuroTech Universities share their common vision to develop Human-centred Engineering, thereby promoting smart and sustainable use of modern technology to the benefit of society and the economy.

The EuroTech Universities Alliance anchors its activities in five fast developing Focus Areas where the partner universities offer complementary strengths in education and research and which are of high relevance to Europe’s industrial leadership and address the grand societal challenges.